THE DARKE LYFE TRILOGY – A Potential Reader’s Quick Summary

The Darke Lyfe Trilogy, the Award-Winning Trio of Thriller Novels by Michael Goldcraft  Published by and by Amazon Kindle

ASCENT OF EVIL (Tome I) In 1995, Dr. Steven Atticus discovered the preserved corpse of a 1000-year-old Viking priest. But the Viking was more than a priest. He was also the first vampire! Atticus proves the biological reality of “vampyres” and “vampires” (there is a difference). When Atticus learns of a contemporary vampyre plaguing Panama City, Florida, he joins a Task Force of law enforcement and scientists to stop the carnage. The task force must capture and incarcerate Harrison Van Gilter, a rogue vampyre and serial killer who stalks the citizens of the formerly quiet coastal city, now in a state of panic.

INHERITED EVIL (Tome II) Harrison Van Gilter is ultimately captured by the FBI and local law enforcement and tried in Federal District Court, Panama City, Florida. But the cosmic tumblers click into place for Harrison. A raging hurricane changes everything and the worst serial killer of modern day is loose again! And as the mystery unravels, Harrison learns that he has the DNA of a historic monster in every cell of his body. Harrison Van Gilter has inherited evil!

ARCANUM OF EVIL (Tome III) Fourteen years have past. It’s January 1, 2012. A military/scientific/industrial project is underway on the moon when evil events are suddenly catalyzed. And Harrison Van Gilter, rogue predator of the Van Gilter family, is back. But he’s not Harrison! He’s a reincarnated being who possesses the body of a Washington, D.C. federal employee. And all the terrible reality of the 1990s must be relived by those who were threatened, kidnapped, and plagued by Harrison. And now the vampyre has the “Arcanum of Abaddon” to guide him. He has Satan’s book of rules and the powers of Hell at his disposal! But for Harrison, and everyone else, the clock is ticking down to December 21st…and the Mayan Day of Doom!

Michael Goldcraft’s Darke Lyfe Trilogy is available at Amazon



About michaelgoldcraft

Michael Goldcraft is a senior marine ecologist, writer, and owner of a small, independent publishing company, BrimBooks; Brothersons Press. His first novel, Ascent of Evil, won First Place for the Horror/Dark Fanstasy category of published work at the 2010 Royal Palm Literary Awards of the Florida Writers Association, Orlando, Florida. His Darke Lyfe Trilogy includes his second published novel, Inherited Evil. Mr. Goldcraft is at work completing the final book of the trilogy, Arcanum of Evil, to be released on the Spring Equinox, 2011. His book of short stories, Thirteen Tales of Eclectic Evil, was released the summer of 2010. His books are available in trade paperback or ebook editions via The ebooks are also distributed via Michael Goldcraft lives with his wife and their pets in Panama City, Florida.
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