Character Conversational Portraits

In April, I will begin interviewing characters from my Darke Lyfe Trilogy.  The inspiration for this approach came from a long-admired writer, Truman Capote.  In his wonderful little book, Music for Chameleons (Random House, 1975) he had a part entitled “Conversational Portraits.”  Among the portraits were chats with Pearl Bailey and Marilyn Monroe.  They were delightful conversations, full of surprises, irreverent comments, inner thoughts, and revealing insights. I want to do the same thing with the people who played roles in The Trilogy.

When I completed the dramatis personae after the first novel, Ascent of Evil, I was surprised at the number of rich and interesting (to me at least) characters.  I included the DP in the second novel, Inherited Evil, for the continuing reader’s benefit.  By the last novel, Arcanum of Evil, the DP had grown to a total of 91 major or minor characters.

So, in early April I hope to begin these conversations.  And today, I’m  asking one of my friends, Dr. Steven Atticus, how he views this fictional approach.  He’s on the phone now.

MG: Dr. Atticus, Steven, hi!  It’s a pleasure to talk with you from my “writers den.”

SA:  Thank you, Michael.  I’m happy to be in touch with you, too.

MG:  So, Dr. Atticus, what do you think about my approach?  Are you willing to be interviewed?

SA:  Well, as you mentioned during your introduction I was listening to, it’s not really your approach, since Mr. Capote gave you the idea.  However, it’s probably been done millions of times, albeit possibly not with fictional characters like me.  But I’m delighted to take part.

MG:  Wonderful.  And where will you be next week?  I can meet at your convenience.

SA:  We have an excavation currently ongoing in Arizona.  My wife, Barbara, is down there now.  Actually, we’re working with a couple of members of your publisher’s family.  Just a coincidence really.  We met them at a dig in England some years ago, and they offered to help lay out the plans for the Vulture Mountains project near Phoenix.  Mark and his wife have been a great help.

MG: Glad to hear that. Mark’s a hard worker and a hell of a fine photographer.

SA: So when will you be arriving?  Actually sooner would be better, as my schedule changes dynamically.

MG: Okay, I’ll catch the red-eye tonight and arrive tomorrow afternoon.  We can do the first interview around your campfire as the sun goes down.  I can stay for a couple of days.

SA: Good.  We’ll put you to work.  Nothing like sweating in the early April Arizona sun to get one in shape.  See you then.

MG:  See you then.

And to you, dear reader, Steven and I hope you will follow us here at and enjoy the first of many character conversational portraits.  See you in early April.

Your writing friend, Michael Goldcraft


About michaelgoldcraft

Michael Goldcraft is a senior marine ecologist, writer, and owner of a small, independent publishing company, BrimBooks; Brothersons Press. His first novel, Ascent of Evil, won First Place for the Horror/Dark Fanstasy category of published work at the 2010 Royal Palm Literary Awards of the Florida Writers Association, Orlando, Florida. His Darke Lyfe Trilogy includes his second published novel, Inherited Evil. Mr. Goldcraft is at work completing the final book of the trilogy, Arcanum of Evil, to be released on the Spring Equinox, 2011. His book of short stories, Thirteen Tales of Eclectic Evil, was released the summer of 2010. His books are available in trade paperback or ebook editions via The ebooks are also distributed via Michael Goldcraft lives with his wife and their pets in Panama City, Florida.
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